Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Growing!

With last year's Pumpkin Harvest Festival success, we were determined to try again in 2013. Our pumpkin patch, a 10000ft2 garden, was planted again this spring by volunteers and staff. A local farm donated straw bales for mulch and now our 165 hills are springing to life with the abundance of early summer rains. Soon the entire garden will be overrun with pumpkin vines and gorgeous orange pumpkins. Oh and did I tell you? 165 hills of pumpkins means approximately 500 pumpkins! We're going to have lots to celebrate this fall.

It's a big job to love all those pumpkins. The watering is done by hand and the weeding is constant. If you are interested in helping us in this very practical way, please contact our office and we'd love to get you some  gloves and a shovel.

Some of the pumpkin seed used this season came from Renee's Seeds. They donated seeds for our community garden project and for that we are so grateful!

I'll put up some pictures soon of the progress of the patch. Stay Tuned!

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